Project aims to provide a portal to people who wants to start learning or improve his/her knowledge about functional programming languages. Hence, instead of supplying learning materials on the wiki, providing links to high quality resources1 is prefered.

From a users perspective, project should precisely provide base steps listed below.

  1. What is "Foo" programming language? Is it possible to list some of its (unofficial?) features commented by experienced users from a programmers point of view.
  2. I want to learn more about "Foo". What are entrance level tutorials that I can reach?
  3. I want to setup a programming environment and give it a go. What are my (ID)Editor choices? How can I setup such an environment with the least possible pain?
  4. I want to improve my proficiency on "Foo"? What are other qualified resources (books, reading materials, communities, etc.) I can access?
  5. I want to have more information about concepts behind "Foo" and its comparison with other models, etc.
  6. I want to use "Foo" in a real world project. What are my alternatives for library repositories?
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